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Two Pin Loom Baby Blanket Patterns

This is a downloadable four page PDF pattern for two 37" x 37" (94 x 94 cm) girl and boy baby blanket patterns. These patterns were designed to make a fun and loving gift for a new baby and family. I wanted to be able to integrate some camo colored yarn into the boy blanket because one of the jokes told about Minnesota is that, because hunting is so popular, the two favorite colors are camo and blaze orange. Plus, variegated colors are particularly fun to weave because they come out with such a different look from crochet and knitting. Once I put together the boy baby blanket pattern, I wanted a camo color for the girl's blanket, too, but something a little more girlish. I also decided to integrate heart shapes into the girl's blanket. Keep in mind that you can use any of the ideas from either blanket to make your perfect baby blanket.

Both blankets are woven using a Zoom Loom or any 4" pin loom. These blankets were originally created to be a medium sized project to be woven by a family or church group. One of the advantages of the pin loom is that all the squares come out exactly the same and fit together perfectly-- whether they are made by one hand or by many. Imagine how quickly a blanket can come together when woven by two or three... or more... people working together.

Be aware that in addition to requiring a pin loom, this pattern calls for beginner level crochet used to edge the blankets. Digital patterns are not refundable, but if you have any problem with the patterns, please feel free to contact me to assist.

Copyright ©Margaret Stump, 2016. All rights reserved. You may not sell, redistribute, alter or publish this pattern or parts of this pattern. You may sell finished products that you make with this pattern, provided you attach information on the pattern source including a link to this site: Thank you.

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